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Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem. We find a way to approve you! can help connect you with the bad credit auto financing you've been searching for. A large percentage of the car purchases made in the United States are financed with the help of bad credit auto loans. This is because more than ever, Americans are struggling with poor credit scores and small down payments to zero down. Thankfully though, as a result, there are a greater number of bad credit auto loan specialists available to you. Here at we have a goal of matching as many bad credit customers as possible with one or more of the lender/dealer affiliate financing specialists in our networks. From there, we hope auto financing will be made available to you, regardless of bad credit struggles. Take just a couple minutes to apply through our safe and secure website, and we'll do our best to connect you with a financing specialist who will try to help you get the bad credit car financing you need. Don't worry, our program requires absolutely no commitment from you if you apply. Our interest is to help you obtain financing for a bad credit auto loan. Zero down auto loans are available in certain situations. Car loans after bankruptcy is no problem as long as you are currently employed.

Zero Down Auto LoansAuto financing varies greatly from person to person because of their widely differing circumstances. They may fall into one of two different car loan categories: "poor credit" or "high risk". Either way, many traditional lending institutions try to unfairly categorize poor credit sufferers into their "bad credit and therefore irresponsible" file. Because no one financial situation is the same as another, it is impossible to classify people in such a way. Here at, we believe that poor credit car loans can be separated into five general groups: Poor Credit Auto Financing, Second Chance Car Loans, No Credit Auto Loans, Bankruptcy Auto Loans, and common Bad Credit Car Loans/Subprime Auto Financing.

Bankruptcy Auto Loans
For the most part, bankruptcy auto loans are treated much the same as bad credit car loans - with some minor differences. These differences mainly revolve around how the bankruptcy was discharged. Since Chapter 7 Bankruptcy requires a liquidation of many assets in order to settle with the creditors, the impact on your credit score can vary depending on the specific details of the settlement. In any case, the decision to apply for an auto loan (or a bankruptcy car loan) lies with a court appointed trustee. This person is assigned to make sure all debts have been discharged in a proper fashion, within the time frame established by the court. Note that a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will generally stay on your credit report for 10 years. In many cases we can get you a zero down auto loan or no money down auto loan. Let us show you how we can get you the zero down auto loan you deserve.

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